Here’s to new beginnings..

11150493_10205341987722608_2516053019171029312_nHello! I’m Bash, a 21 year old language student from London with a never ending fascination for eating, sleeping, travelling and repeating.

The creation of this blog originates back to 2012, the year I decided to become a pescatarian. Towards the end of my second year at university which was during my Study Abroad Programme in Morocco, I became a full vegetarian and stopped the consumption of all meat. In November (International Vegan Month) 2015, I signed the pledge to go vegan for the duration of just 31 days…but it didn’t stop there. I have now completed my eighth month of becoming cruelty free and can proudly say that I have never felt better!

I always had the concept in the back of my mind, that I wanted to start writing about something, anything, and begin sharing my experiences with you all, however I didn’t know where to start. During a little trip to Lake Annecy last month, my friend Amber gave me the wake up call that I needed and convinced me that I had to get my head down and start writing. What better than to blog about my passion for travelling and veganism? So this is exactly what I have done…


The name ‘Green-Beenz’ popped into my mind as this title perfectly combines the main topics for my blog which are food, nature, the environment as well as exploring, adventures and travels. Referring to all of the above, as a vegan myself, I have encountered many challenges and difficulties whilst on the go, even more so than being a vegetarian and decided to create a little something to make the lives of non-meat eaters easier whilst also providing travel tips and inspiring people from around the globe to get out there and see the world.

I’m no professional and am very new to this all, I don’t even know how to write a blog, but I hope that whether you are a carnivore or a herbivore, a full time travel junkie or just someone wishing to escape somewhere different for the weekend, that you will enjoy embarking upon this literal and metaphorical journey with me…


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