Restaurant Review: VITA

Located in the hub of Plaza Armenia, VITA provides it’s customers with a wide range of organic and wholegrain vegan dishes to tingle each and every tastebud. From granola to pizza, muffins to woks, this modern and hip café/restaurant offers something different for each meal of the day. Additionally, with a well decorated and quirky colourful interior, as well as it’s sleek glass exterior, VITA successfully attracts a great number of both vegan and non-vegan customers.

14518820_10209026749639353_1946563899_nThe mouthwatering “Vegan Brunch XL” special costs only 390 pesos (approximately £10 per person). Bargain. This deal includes: un revuelto gramajo, un pancho, una hamburguesa, 2 limonadas and una torta.

Revuelto gramajo is a traditional Argentinian dish originally made from french fries, eggs, ham, onion, olive oil and butter. Every vegan’s dream(!). VITA’s version replaces eggs with scrambled tofu, ham with other vegetables such as peas and red peppers and of course does not include any butter.

The ‘hotdog’ also known as pancho consists of warm bread filled with a tofu sausage and coleslaw with homemade non-dairy mayonnaise. This delicious meat-free dish is served with papas rusticas (baked potato wedges) smothered in rich extra virgin olive oil and rock salt.

The third and final dish, the vegan hamburguesa, consists of a finger-licking vegetable patty. This is then topped with fresh lettuce, tomato slices and olive oil, all delicately placed between a toasted sesame burger bun and once again served with a side of papas rusticas. The extra side of mayonnaise which I was very excited to taste arrived as a small pot of ‘carrot mayo’ which was delicious. Just the perfect amount of sweet and savoury for my liking.

All three dishes were served at a main course size and were perfect to share. Additionally, the soft bread and sharp cutlery makes it very easy to split the meals between a few people.

14527656_10209026749159341_1851274662_nOnce the mains are over, there is yet a torta of your choice waiting to be devoured. Options are usually between banana, chocolate, carrot and a few others. Tiramisu is also a possibility. Although this is not included in the ‘torta’ option of the fixed menu, the staff are willing to mix and match options to suit customer needs. A refreshing, creamy hit of caffeine in every spoonful. I’m not certain as to exactly what ingredients are used, however I like to think that by now I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to vegan recipes. It seems  that this recipe includes soaked cashews, vegan butter, any variety of dairy-free milk and vanilla extract.

Despite it’s incredibly rich meals and inviting ambience, I felt that the only small yet quite significant aspect of VITA which let me down was the lack of outdoor seating. As the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the streets were filled with the sounds of locals chattering away about their weekend plans, I’m sure I would have enjoyed this gastronomical experience even more if only our fresh mint and  passion fruit lemonades were accompanied with the warm presence of the sun.

As you make your way out of the doorsteps of VITA, the atmosphere outside is just as pleasant. Plaza Armenia is a little green square surrounded by an endless amount of cafes, restaurants, bars, boutiques and many more. Every Saturday and Sunday, a feria (fair) is set up with vendors selling items from silver jewellery to handmade pet clothing. After an unforgettable brunch, it is recommended to wander around the feria before making your way through the hip side streets.

Considering it’s perfect location, succulent meals, refreshing juices and amicable ambience, VITA has made it’s way on to my top 5 vegan ‘must-eats’ in the big city. A highly recommended little spot which will never bore you. In addition to this, Plaza Armenia has also managed to do well by awarding itself as my favourite plaza in Palermo so far.

Address: Costa Rica 4522, Palermo, CABA, Argentina

Contact number: +54 11 4833-0365



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