About me:

Hi there, I’m Bash, an Arabic and Spanish student at the University of Leeds. I was born and raised in London however I am a dual-nationality citizen of both the United Kingdom and Turkey. I was raised bilingual due to my families origins, meaning that I learnt English and Turkish simultaneously. At nursery I quickly picked up Mandarin due to the high number of Chinese friends I had made, however this was forgotten once I left for Reception. At  primary school I started to learn French which then instigated my interest in languages. I then went on to study  Spanish and German in secondary school later taking a compulsory Latin course. For A level, I continued with Spanish, all the way through to University level where I then picked up Arabic as a  part of my Joint Honours degree. I decided to continue with French and German as elective modules at University.

With thanks to the scholarship I obtained from the University of Leeds, I spent one month studying Mandarin at the University of Wuhan. I then moved to Fes, Morocco as a part of my university’s Study Abroad programme, however, when this didn’t work out for me, 4 months later I left Morocco decided to travel instead. During this time I spent my time travelling in-between Turkey, U.S.A, Dubai, France and Thailand.

Currently, I am studying at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina in Buenos Aires as a part of my second Study Abroad programme. Due to my placement this year and Hatice’s permanent move to Istanbul, I regularly travel between England, Turkey, and now Argentina too. Since my latest travels through Brazil, I have now started to learn Portuguese through online applications and self-teaching programmes, and seem to be doing very well so far. During my year in South America, I also hope to travel around Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Guyana.

My first time on a plane was at 6 months old. My first time on a plane alone was at 6 years old. Hatice put my passport around my neck, handed me over to a hostess at Turkish Airlines and waved good-bye from behind the barriers at London Heathrow Airport. Since this day I have never stopped. So far I have been to 25 countries and 5 continents…

Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, England, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Uruguay

I have had the same travel bucket-list since I was a child and never fail to add something new as time goes by. For as long as I am healthy, there is nothing which can stop me from travelling.

Each country, city, even each street has it’s own story, history and aura. Every place I go, I make memories and experience something new. How? By living and acting like a local. By integrating with the public. By eating the local food. By walking around these areas and finding what suits me and makes me happy.

I always believe that we have to get out there and find these special places ourselves. We can’t be afraid to discover and learn, because that’s what opens our minds and allows us to merge and adapt into this multicultural society in which we live today. It’s how we can find the greatest of places, learn the most about ourselves and make the least expected of friends.

Apart from globetrotting around each and every corner of the world, I have many other hobbies and interests such as playing the piano, acting, dance, visiting museums, galleries and theatres, volleyball, cooking, and most importantly learning new languages; all which are combined under my passion for travelling.

As a vegan, I also can’t go without stressing the significance which the word “compassion” has for me. Caring for our environment,  the animals and planet earth as a whole, as well as finding justice and equality among the human race is a subject area which I care most about, and this is why I take this into consideration whilst trotting around the globe. The dream one day is to have travelled all over the world, then retire and live amongst pure nature and wildlife, have a small garden to grow my own fresh fruit and vegetables and  care for rescue animals.

Well, now you know everything there is to know about me..happy reading and welcome on-board..


Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand