Location: Southeastern South America

Bordering Countries: Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

Capital City: Buenos Aires

Other Main Cities: Córdoba, Mendoza, Patagonia, El Calafate, Salta province, Bariloche, Ushuaia, Mar del Plata, San Juan province, Rosaria, Puerto Iguazú, Tigre, San Rafael, Santa Fé

Language(s): Spanish

Population: 43 million+

Religion: Catholic (76.5%), Agnostic and Atheism (11.3%), Evangelical Protestant (9%), Jehovah’s Witnesses (1.2%), Other including Islam, Judaism and Buddhism (1.2%), Mormons (0.9%)

Currency: Peso (ARS)

National Airlines: Aerolineas Argentinas

Known for: countryside, Che Guevara, Iguazu Falls, mate tea, wine, steak, fresh fruit and vegetables, waterfalls, nature, national parks, Argentinian tango, mountains, wildlife, Buenos Aires, cosmetic surgery, landscape, glaciers, dulce de leche, empanadas

Celebrations and Festivals: 

Buenos Aires Tango Festival, San Antonio de Areco Gaucho, Tilcara Carnival Festival, Gualeguaychu Festival, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Fair, Tango World Championships, Semana Musical Llao Llao

Fun Facts…

  • The tango originated in brothels in the immigrant ghetto of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, in what is the present-day harbor of La Boca
  • Avenida 9 de Julio is the widest street in the world at an imposing sixteen lanes. It typically takes at least 2 traffic light rotations to cross
  • The name “Argentina” comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum
  • Argentina is said to have the highest infidelity rate in all of South America
  • Argentines spend the most time listening to the radio, about 21 hours a week, of any nation in the world
  • At least one in 30 Argentines have undergone cosmetic surgery, and more than 30% have reported some form of eating disorder
  • Argentina is the birthplace of the first child in the world to be legally recognized as having two fathers. Born in Buenos Aires in 2012, the child has two dads listed on his birth certificate
  • In 1977, Argentina sent a pregnant woman to Antarctica in order to claim a portion of the continent. Her baby boy, named Emilio Palma, became the first human to be born in Antarctica
  • Argentina has the world’s second highest rate of anorexia, after Japan, and 1 out of every 8 patients being treated is male
  • Argentines have the highest rates of movie viewing in the world, and Argentina is the only Latin American country to have won an Academy Award
  • Buenos Aires has a special holiday called Friend’s Day (El Día del Amigo)
  • Argentina has been home to multiple discoveries of gigantic dinosaurs, including the Giganotosaurus, which was one of the biggest land carnivores ever to roam the planet
  • Buenos Aires has more psychoanalysts and psychiatrists than any other city in the world. It even has its own psychoanalytic district called “Ville Freud”
  • Argentina was the first country to use fingerprinting in order to determine if a person was guilty of a crime
  • There is a Welsh-speaking part of Argentina and it has its own dialect of Welsh
  • In 2001, Argentina had 5 presidents in 10 days
  • The Italian population in Argentina is the second largest in the world outside of Italy (after Brazil), with approximately 25 million people